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Mobile Augmented Reality: providing insight into shopping activities

Last Updated: Jan. 6, 2015, 12:10 a.m.


The Accenture Technology Labs presents weshopAR – the latest demonstration in retail technology. weshopAR is a mobile application that incorporates augmented reality experiences to the weShop concept. The weShop system brings together the social graph, customer behavioral patterns and customer context to provide a personalized in-store shopping experience. Using the customer's social graph and augmented reality, weshopAR provides insight into the shopping activities of friends, networks, and people with similar social profiles to help the customer make a purchase decision.


Step 1: Download the app on an iPhone (iPhone 4 or newer) with the latest version of iOS software. The app will work on an iPad, however, it is not optimized for the iPad's display.

Step 2: Tap on the weShopAR app icon to install to your iPhone. When asked to confirm, tap on "Install."

Step 3: On your computer, download and open the Demo Script. This file will help guide you through some scenarios created for this app.

Step 4: On your computer, download, unzip and open the Image Targets. Open up a few or all of the images on your screen.

Step 5: Finally, open the weshopAR iPhone app. Now you can point your iPhone at the images on your computer screen.

Tip: For a more real-world experience, print out the image targets instead of pointing your iPhone at your computer screen.



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