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Seamless Retail

Olio: integrated technologies for web, mobile and store experiences

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Last Updated: Dec. 5, 2014, 10:56 p.m.


Olio is a demonstration of the new seamless retail platform that we have developed at the Accenture Technology Labs. In this demo, we will illustrate how the present day customer's journey through new shopping channels demands retailers to integrate new technologies to assist in the shopping experience.


Step 1: Download and read the Demo Script below.

Step 2: Visit this page from your iOS device and download the app.

Step 3: After reading the script, click on the "BEGIN OLIO DEMO" button below.


We sought to optimize the web, mobile, and store experiences by concentrating on what each channel does best.

Overall, this demo demonstrates:

  • A continuous and fluent retail eperience across multiple channels.
  • Unity of shopping activities and channel features.
  • Support and interaction between channels.

The online channel supports discovery and consideration by:
  • Keeping track of past purchases.
  • Using external social activity to filter search results by friends.
  • Using external social data to filter search results by similar customers.

The mobile channel is supported by:
  • Keeping track of user activity on the mobile site.
  • Providing real-time notifications (at the store) based on customer's persona, product information, and purchase inventory.